Because everything comes at a price, and the one we pay for technology is becoming too high to afford, Franco-Lebanese filmmaker Sabine el Gemayel decided to do something about it. In Generation Zapped, her documentary in the final stages of the making, she tackles the touchy subject of the hidden hazards of wireless radiation associated with wireless technologies. She calls upon professionals, a plethora of doctors, professors, researchers, health experts, and engineers, who confirm our worst fears: if not handled correctly, technology will do us more harm than good, especially when it comes to the development of young children.

Indeed, the overexposure to radio frequencies (RF) and electromagnetic fields (EMF) emitted by wireless devices such as cell phones, WiFi, Bluetooth, cell towers, wireless car keys, etc., increases the risk of mental and physical diseases: infertility, autism, learning disabilities, brain and breast cancer (for young women carrying their cell phone in their bra)…

Fortunately, the documentary also offers up solutions, from tips we can get upon singing up to the website, to concrete changes we can make in our everyday life. It gives us simple steps that can drastically lower the risk of contracting these diseases.

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