The Concept

Positive Lebanon is a tribute to the Lebanese civil society and its resilience. A civil society that has proved worthy, even during the worst years of Lebanese history. A civil society that has demonstrated its attachment to its country, to concrete initiatives, and to the diversity that characterizes the Lebanese people. It’s time for this civil society to understand how powerful it is, how it keeps things in perpetual motion, and how it asks as the chief driving force of this city. Thus, the Positive Lebanon movement aims to show all the concrete actions that have been tirelessly initiated in spite of all the obstacles, hazards, and difficulties. This country is ours; we should never doubt it. Behind our love for Lebanon, behind the movement and all the persons involved in it, a genuine idea subsists; one that endeavors to disclose a Positive Lebanon that gathers and resembles us all.

Our "Positive" Books

Positive Lebanon

Positive Lebanon is not just about a book, a collection or a campaign; it is a concept that initiates and conveys incredible enthusiasm. This large-scale project aspires to put forward all positive actions coming from the Lebanese civil society, without any exaggeration, but it is not just that. Positive Lebanon takes its full meaning as it is based upon concrete initiatives. Furthermore, for the past few years, many of Tamyras projects have been revolving around this idea. This includes books focusing on the richness of the Lebanese heritage, fun diaries, etc.

Beyrouth by day

A cry of love that the author offers up to Beirut the city; neighbourhoods to be discovered. Beirut the encounters; genuine smiles. Beirut the history; millenniums in sight. Beirut the stories; little anecdotes that pepper daily routine. Beirut the traditions; spoken of with great emotion. Daylight brings out Beirut’s realities, diverse and entwined. This book became a best seller and was reprinted in 2010.

Lebanon and on

An informative look at the traditions uniting the Lebanese people. This book recounts the origins and the evolution of the traditions that bring the Lebanese together. Traditions, whether religious, culinary, artisanal, familial or social, are an integral part of the Lebanese people’s lives, in their country as well as abroad.

Agenda perpetuel

61 good reasons to (re)discover Lebanese regions!
365 days to discover 61 guesthouses, hostels, campsites, bungalows… Make the best of your week-ends by playing the tourist in your own country, letting your mind roam free, filling it with shades of green and blue, and thousands of memories. Meet charming locals and discover majestic regions where the scenery is breathtaking; where nature is preserved and celebrated. Yes, there still are trees in Lebanon; there are even extraordinary forests, hundreds of animal species and above all, a biodiversity of flora that would make others green with envy. Having a hard time believing us? This diary is all the proof you need!

Losing Touch

An original and creative project to discover forgotten crafts
This book is the result of a journey at the heart of Beirut, of encounters at street corners to collect touching testimonials. To avoid losing the city’s heritage, three young people set out to discover forgotten trades – the last witnesses of a former Beirut. This book became a best seller and was reprinted in 2012.

Carnet de notes

Everything positive about Lebanon!
As part of its Positive Lebanon initiative, Tamyras launched a notebook on which you can scribble your dreams, desires, schedules, meetings, lists, love stories and sources of happiness. A notebook filled with positives news guaranteed to put a smile on your face. A notebook enlivened by dreamy illustrations.

in Beyrouth

Drawing to preserve Beirut’s rapidly fading heritage
Each of Carla Sayad’s trips led her to fill in one sketchbook after the other, drawing on napkins, roadmaps, and any piece of paper she could get her hands on. Back in Beirut, Carla realised that while sketching the world, she had forgotten to sketch her own city. Beyond a sketchbook, in Beyrouth is an actual travel diary, gathering more than 60 drawings depicting Beirut’s different neighbourhoods.

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